Starter START 60

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Join us and build the Starter START 60 package of your choice. The package is in ACTION 3+1, which means that 4 products are completely free.

The distributor/client acknowledges that the shipping price does not include additional fees, customs duties, taxes, export accompanying document (VDD) or other mandatory payments when delivering the shipment abroad. These costs are fully covered by the distributor/client who placed the order. The amount and collection of duty is determined by the customs administration and regulated by the customs law of the given state.

In connection with the delivery of parcels, the transport service provider is responsible.

PV: 60,00

Starteer START 60

CONTENTS: 1x FREE 3+1 promotion, products of your choice POINT VALUE: 60 PV points ADVANTAGES:
  • 20% acquisition bonus + 20% repeatedly from generation 1

  • Weight 0.5 kg

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